Sunday, April 15, 2012

Survival of the fittest is fine, as long as you're the one on top...

Derbyshire, England, 1816
The Montagues, heirs to the Rothermere dukedom have always believed in survival of the fittest, but now the family that had everything is about to lose it all. Their way of life is threatened from forces both inside and outside the family. The Napoleonic Wars have ended, claiming the life of not one but two  sons, the heir Jamie, and young Edward, as well as the economic life-blood of the dukedom; the war-time profits that once significantly padded the family's coffers. Both losses will change the family circumstances, perhaps not for the better. Rumor has it the grand family isn't what it used to be.  It is up to each Montague to decide for themselves the shape of their destiniy in this brave new world where pride and power war for the greatest prize of all----love.

Join us this summer, in this exciting new series where nothing is as it was, and nothing is as it seems.
August       2012  The Wicked Lord Montague, Carole Mortimer
September 2012  The Housemaid's Scandalous Secret, Helen Dickson
October     2012  The Lady Who Broke the Rules, Marguerite Kaye
November 2012   Lady of Shame, Ann Lethridge
December 2012   The Illegitimate Montague, Sarah Mallory
January     2013   Unbefitting a Lady, Bronwyn Scott
February   2013   Redemption of a Fallen Woman, Joanna Fulford
March       2013   A Stranger Comes to Castonbury (TBA, title may be changed), Amanda McCabe

Join us here for give aways, exciting insights into the series, character bios, tantalizing tidbits about the characters and  glimpses into the world of the Montagues!

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